Urdu Videos: Dr. Israr Ahmad Versus Ghamdi: Islamism Versus Secularism

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Suggested reading by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

Broadly speaking, while Dr. Israr Ahmad is promoting extreme Islamism, Javed Ahmad Ghamidi is offering a secular understanding of Islam and interfaith tolerance. Nevertheless, their debate exposes vulnerabilities of both, for example Ghamdi does not allow any taxation other than Zakat, disregarding possible needs of the society.  Additionally, he wants the Government to coerce the Muslims to say Salat or the five times daily prayer.  In that case would the believers be actually praying to God Almighty or the coercive government?

I must applaud Ghamdi for a beautiful interpretation of Surah Taubah between 50 minutes and 1.15 mark of this video.

Insisting on a narrow understanding of the Quran without benefiting from the history of legislation and constitution making in USA and the West, the Muslims end up with a myopic understanding that cannot satisfy the needs of the modern society.

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We have saved the above videos in the Muslim Times as well:

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