Our Collection of Essays or Articles about the Glorious Quran

Written and collected by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

I have collected the best articles out there explaining the Quran in general and also some specific verses.

The Quran says: Say, ‘If the ocean became ink for the words of my Lord, surely, the ocean would be exhausted before the words of my Lord came to an end, even though We brought the like thereof as further help.’ (18:109)  This talks of expansive and vast knowledge, incorporated layer upon layer, in the brief approximately 6300 verses of the text of the scripture of Islam.

I do believe that the Quran like any other scripture can be misinterpreted to suit the writer’s agenda. Therefore, I clearly understand that the glorious Quran should not be changed into a political philosophy or ideology, a totalitarian agenda or to take away freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, human rights or women rights, which will be clearly against the Quranic emphasis on compassion and justice.


Here is our initial collection; over time we foresee hundreds of articles to be collected like a beautiful bouquet of flowers, in this collection, God willing:

Urdu Video of Ghamidi: Why do many miss the truth or real faith?

Sir Zafrullah Khan Introducing the Holy Quran to the World

Why Secularism Is Compatible with the Quran and Sunnah — And an ‘Islamic State’ Is Not

God Is Living, So Why Does Religion Treat God As Dead?

Inheritance in Islam

Gender Equality in the Holy Qur’an – In the Beginning Man and Woman Were Equal

Surrendering the Sword of the ‘Sword-Verse’

Defensive War: Why Fighting Was Allowed?

The Scope, Style and Effect of the Holy Quran

Sources or Criteria for Interpretation of the Holy Quran

Explaining Misinterpretations of the Holy Text to a Christian Audience

Sources or Criteria for Interpretation of the Holy Quran

Reading the Quran: Do They Still Cook You on the Stake, For Knowing the Scripture?

One of the Best English Translations of the Quran Now Available Online

A Sexual Offender from ISIS: Is the Quran to Blame?

A Quranic Prophecy against High Odds: The Roman victory against the Persians

Aztec beliefs in the Afterlife: Stephen Hawking and me

The holy Quran speaks more often to men than women

Video of Berkley Center: Islam, Human Rights, and the Secular

Scope, Style and Preservation of the Quran

Now we will list the titles of the essays that are available in the commentary of Syed Hossein Nasr and his associates:

How to Read the Quran by Ingrid Mattson

The Quran in Translation by Joseph Lumbard

The Islamic View of the Quran by Muhammad Mustafa al-Azami

Quranic Arabic: Its Characteristics and Impact on Arabic Language and Literature and the Languages and Literatures of Other Islamic Peoples by Muhammad Abdel Haleem

Quranic Commentaries by Walid Saleh

Traditions of Esoteric and Sapiential Quranic Commentary by Toby Mayer

Scientific Commentary on the Quran by Muzaffar Iqbal

The Quran as Source of Islamic Law by Ahmad Muhammad al-tayyib

The Quran and Schools of Islamic Theology and Philosophy by Mustafd Muhaqqiq Damad

The Quran and Sufism by William C. Chittick

The Quran and Islamic Art by ]ean—Louis Michon

The Quranic View of Sacred History and Other Religions by Joseph Lumbard

Quranic Ethics, Human Rights, and Society by Maria Massi Dakake

Conquest and Conversion, War and Peace in the Quran by Caner K. Dagli

Death, Dying, and the Afterlife in the Quran by Hamza Yusuf

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