Pulitzer Prize Winner, Garry Wills Talks About the Quran for 50 Minutes

Source: The Muslim Times

Garry Wills’ Book: What the Qur’an Meant: And Why It Matters

Garry Wills has been a leading commentator on political and religious life in America for decades, winner of a Pulitzer for “Lincoln at Gettysburg”, and two National Book Critics Circle Awards for Criticism. In his new book, “What the Qur’an Meant”, he offers a timely reconsideration of the sacred text. Reading with sympathy and rigor, Wills takes us back to the words themselves to discover how they have guided people down through the centuries and what other non–Muslims—such as Pope Francis—have found so inspiring.

This program is presented in partnership with the Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities.

This program was recorded on Oct 28, 2017.

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Garry Wills
Garry Wills with his books.  The Muslim Times has the best collection of articles about the holy Quran and to refute Islamophobia

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